Started in 2012 by a senior IT Consulting Specialist along with a group of young
and dynamic professionals  in IT industry, the promoters of EJCONSULTINGiT
comes with more than 20 years of hands on experience in same field. Their
experience and domain knowledge are vast.
What we do
Specialized Consulting to understand the needs of Clients and propose appropriate
solution with functionality and features required to help the Client. After assessing,
EJCONSULTINGiT will recommend the right Solution, take-up implementation of
suitable software packages, develop custom software if needed, source other IT
related services for the client, and provide user training.
Business Model
Our business model is a combination of onsite, offsite, remote support, deputation &
outsourcing depending on respective situations and client needs.  will try to be most
cost-effective to the clients.
Our Approach
At EJCONSULTINGiT, we consider our Customers & Business Associates as our
Business Partners. We believe that the success of any organization is the outcome
of the collaborative contribution from the customers & associates too. Our Business
Partners will always feel that we are working togetherWe consider our Customers
& Business Associates as our Business Partners. Success lies in the  collaborative
contribution from  customers & business associates too.  We not only work towards
satisfactory completion of the project,   but also to observe and fine tune
proactively, post implementation.
Confident in what we say, and we stick to professional ethics. Commitments will be
honored without arguments. We consider Customers as our Business Partners.
Maximize the number of computer users by providing appropriate software solutions
to every individual’s needs, both personal and official. Eliminate the need of a
dedicated support centre by providing suitable Software Solutions which are easy
to understand and use. Provide friendly support at any time.
Identify and provide Software Solutions that can be used without hand-holding
support. Deliver affordable solutions with professional quality. Utilize the techno-
management skills along with our Quality Attributes to improve business processes
and tactics of our Customers
A World of Solutions for your Growing Needs at Affordable Cost
Guiding Principles
Every human being in the world are controlled and governed by God. We do not
achieve anything, achievements are given by that God. What we have are not ours,
they are God’s blessings. We keep this in mind in each engagement.
Longing for Perfection, Customer Delight, Systematic, Documented, Neat & Clean
Business Goals & Objectives
Our aim is to establish our presence in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and other Middle East
countries, in addition to India. Provide reliable services and solutions at affordable
Straight Forward, Unbiased, Loyal, Sincere, Leadership, Commitment, Trustworthy,
Hardworking, Goal-oriented, Dedicated, Optimistic, Colleagues-friendly, Customer-
friendly, Management-friendly.
Business Strategy
Our approach is to provide the best solutions to the clients. So, instead of restricting
the solutions and services to ourselves, we associate with several competitive
organizations to take the best out of them and provide to our clients.
Business Competitiveness
Our business competitiveness is our ability to source the best and yet affordable
solutions from our associates. We have an edge in this due to the number of
advisors and team-mates who have worked with several best performing
Service Pledge
Every delivery should result in Customer Delight, not just satisfaction.
Quality Policy & Objectives
We believe that self-discipline and well-defined internal processes will produce best
quality results. Ultimately the purpose is to provide solutions and services with
extremely good quality, on time. We have defined processes to ensure the quality of
our solutions & services.

Entrepreneurs always strive to
develop their core business and
diversify into other promising
activities.  The best way to
optimize operational activities is by
consulting experts in respective
areas. This way companies can
save lot of time to spend for
business planning and growth.

IT Solutions include the complete
infrastructure such as Hardware,
Networking, Storage, Application
Software, Web Applications and
so on. A good Consultant can tell
which all solutions will be most
suitable, depending on the need,
easiness to use, output/benefits
from it, and the financial impact.